Our Services


ARM Assessment Rehabilitation Management, Inc. is an orthopedic rehabilitation center focused on providing preventative and restorative treatment to patients with an extensive variety of functional limitations and disabilities. We work closely with area physicians to coordinate patient care, and facilitate patient recovery through close communication with all care providers.

Occupational Therapy
Our therapists provide the Mid-Michigan region with specialized treatment for acute and traumatic injuries including cumulative trauma, fractures, pre- and post-surgery evaluations, scar management, skin grafts, nerve injuries, tendon/ligament injuries, arthritis and industrial/recreational injuries. We work closely with patients and referring physicians to restore the highest level of function to daily life, allowing the patient to return to work, and recreational activities. Using proven and innovative techniques we provide individualized care specific to patients and their conditions.

-Therapist specializing hand treatment
-Condition specific exercise programs
-Pain Management, Pre- and Post-Surgical, Work Hardening, and Sports injuries
-Manual therapy methods including myofascial and trigger point release, strain counter strain, and exercise prescription.
-Modality based pain management:
Massage, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation
-Workstation Ergonomic Evaluation
-Functional Capacity Evaluations
-Custom Splint Fabrication

Physical Therapy
Our therapists provide specialized treatment for traumatic injuries, pre- and post-surgical evaluations, sports and recreational injuries, neck or back pain, or other dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system of an insidious nature. We work closely with you and your referring physician to restore the highest level of function to your daily life, return to work, and recreation. Using proven and innovative techniques we provide individualized care, specific to you and your condition.

-Therapist specializing in mobilization and manual manipulation
-Condition specific exercise programs
Pain Management, Post- and Pre-Surgical, Work Hardening, and Sports injuries
-Modality based pain management:
Traction, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation

Ergonomic Solutions
ARM Assessment Rehabilitation Management, Inc. offers a full complement of ergonomic services including:

-Workstation Assessment
-Ergonomic Solutions
-Repetitive stress injury prevention workshops
-Back injury prevention workshops
-Architectural and interior design coordination
-Functional Capacity Evaluations
(Comparing worker capabilities to job responsibilities)
-Work Hardening Therapy
(Helping workers make that final step to recovery and return to work)

Hand Therapy
Our certified hand therapists work closely with hand surgeons throughout the state to coordinate care. They participate in research, national continuing education courses, and graduate level education in addition to direct patient care. Hand therapists are trained to provide rehabilitation to patients with complex, multifaceted injuries.